Early in life, I knew I could communicate with a world others couldn’t see. I could see things in people they couldn’t see themselves, and feel people's emotions as if they were my own….When I felt their pain, I wanted to heal them.

I began experimenting with plant medicine. In doing so, I was able to heal myself by taking large leaps in personal and spiritual growth. With this newfound knowledge, I realized my true calling is to guide others in the world of spirit and heal them. This set me on my path to becoming a shaman.

I began studying shamanism from all over the world. While assisting a Lakota Shaman of the Native American Church conduct a Peyote ceremony, Grandfather Peyote told me my path to guide and heal people in the realm of Spirit would not need plant medicine.

With this new direction, I continued my search for a form of Shamanism directed by spirit to a Guide from the Seventh Ray Mystery School.  My Initiation Ritual, along with the skills and knowledge taught to me through the 7th Ray Mystery School, was my final step of this particular quest in my lifelong journey to master the spirit world for the purpose of Healing and Ascension.

After a decade of studying and experience, I am a Shaman. I bring every piece of knowledge and power I have ever mastered to you.

Mind. Body. Spirit.

All My Love,

Xander Thimakis