DNA Activation

A DNA Activation is an energy activation technique similar to an energy healing but instead using energy to balance and heal this technique pours seeds of energy into your aura and spirit initially filling you with energy and over the course of nine months having that energy grow and fill your spirit to new heights. Something that would happen naturally with certain study's and lifestyle practices this is a cheat code to ascension. Ascension is any study, practice, or lifestyle that puts you in line with your higher self. As you become in line with your higher self your higher self overshadows your personality and ego. This is where you begin to live to your highest ideal and follow and live your life's purpose. I'm activating everyone I care about because to be truly happy and fulfilled one needs to be on there path. I've been activated and have experienced first hand the results. I even activated my dog Lekos and he's happier, spunkier and more full of energy then ever as well as no longer limping. Anyone can benefit from this technique. So take the quantum leap! Have more energy, have more powerful spiritual gifts, have a stronger immune system, gain mastery of the four elements within us all and everything, and recognize the divinity within you as you find and follow your life's purpose.

All My Love Xan