SHAMAN Healing and Ascension MODALITIES Offered

Shamanic Services

$111 – Private Chakra Clearing Fire Ceremony

A Shamanic Fire Ceremony designed to use the Power of Grandfather Creator to pull out and clear blockages in the chakras. Everyone who attends will be taught how to perform a clearing on their own from then on with a few more convenient on the go methods in addition to utilizing Fire and Grandfather Creator.

$333 – Spell Removal or Good Spell Casting

$155 – Shamanic Trauma Removal

This technique includes the Crown Chakra Cap Removal as well as the Energy Balancing and Clearing. Followed by a karmic matrix removal to remove any transtemporal trauma from any other lives and then the removal and healing of any trauma from this life.  This is especially helpful to people who keep experiencing the same trauma over and over, because this implies a karmic pattern which we can then remove.

$55 – House Clearing “5$ per room after 4th room in building”

Remove and protect home/business from negative energy and entities. Perfect for a home or business experiencing bad JuJu, that just won’t sell, or is chasing off business.

“Add On Services or all three for $75”

$22 – Crown Chakra Cap Removal

Strengthens the energy flow to and through the crown chakra by removing blockages or the cap at the crown chakra. This will re-establish conduets of energy flow that will help ground and balance energy by allowing more cosmic energy to flow in from the crown.

$25 – Cord Cutting

Connections to people with low frequencies will lower your frequency and create a feeling of being drained or transmit other negative emotions to you. Removing the cords will prevent you from being drained or affected by any people you have made connections with over the years.

$35 – Energy Balancing & Clearing

Balance the 4 elements within your Aura to create balance within yourself.

Guided Spiritual Journeys

“All private Guided Spiritual Journeys are also provided in group sessions done every Friday at 6:30pm at the Mind Body Soul Alliance for $35pp. Tickets are only available Pre-Paid at least 24 hours before the class start time Thursday at 6:30pm. Private Group Spiritual Journeys are available upon request Pre-Paid with a minimum of 4 people with the acceptation of Astral Projection which falls under class rates”

$100 – Soul Retrieval, Meet Your Spirit Guides

In this Guided Journey I will be doing a Soul Retrieval/ Meet Your Guides. From a Shamanic standpoint, being introduced your spirit guides is what's referred to as a Soul Retrieval. This meaning that your guides are missing pieces of your own soul. Spirit guides increase intuition, help one find direction, and gift one with power and abilities which vary based on the guide. For example one of my guides is an Owl, Owl gifts one the ability to find hidden knowledge and see through deception. If your interested when in class we can play 2 truths and lie and I'll show you that particular ability which I have developed over years. This is powerful gift which will change you forever, beginning or furthering your transition to 5th Dimensional consciousness. So if you're looking for direction, that missing piece of yourself, or abilities magically gifted, this powerful Experience is for you.

$144 – Astral Projection

Astral Projection 1 is a class/experience on how to waking Astral project. I will do a small "with a candle ;)" Chakra Clearing Fire ceremony to make sure everyone's all clear and has a basic understanding of clearing one's own chakras. I will then teach everyone how to astral project on their own. Followed by a guided meditation where I guide you through your first Astral Projection. Includes basic overview of what one can do with astral projection, meet your higher self, meet your spirit guide's, meet and heal your inner child, heal trauma to your spirit, travel to past lives,travel through time and space without the limits of your body.

$100 – Meet Your Higher Self

What's the benefit of meeting your higher self? The higher Self’s Job is to direct you along your true life path, your true calling. It gives you the choice to begin merging with them. Learning to communicate and merge with your higher self, through each act done that it inspires taking you along your true life path, you gain the ability to Manifest.A higher self is an extension of the self to a godlike state, part of an individual's identity and our tie to the heavens. In Hinduism they know through the examination of Atma Jnana one can attain salvation by comprehending the true self or higher self.Exercising your relationship with the higher self you will gain the ability to manifest your desired future.

$100 – Heal Your Inner Child

In this guided journey we travel back in time and communicate directly with your inner child. This gives you the ability to communicate your adult perspective to the wounded inner child. This also gives your inner child the ability to gift you anything positive you have lost since your childhood.

$100 – Heal The Emotional Body

In this guided journey we utilize techniques designed to heal the more common imbalanced emotional perspectives. Working with healing your sense of safety to lower stress, your sense of confidence to increase your sense of wellbeing, and your sense of happiness… because it's awesome.

$100 – Find, Then Strengthen Elemental Imbalance

Elemental imbalances in your fire, air, earth or air can be felt in a lack of drive, feelings of being trapped, an inability to deal with change and emotions, and a lack of a sense of safety. We will begin finding the element that needs strengthening, followed by a journey designed to strengthen the element out of balance. I will also give some basic information on how to strengthen the element with lifestyle and thought patterns.

$100 – Past Life Regression

Using guided meditation I will guide you through experiencing your past lives. This is powerful technique that allows you to experience your past life through your senses. This is both a powerful spiritual experience and therapy that allows you to work through traumas from both this life and previous lives. It also relays messages from your past selves and experiences.

$100 – Gifts Of The Spirit, Rediscover Self Love

The entirety of this journey is several different techniques all catered towards healing the heart and increasing your sense of self love. Techniques to clear then charge the heart chakra, followed by a  technique designed to supercharge your sense of self love

$100 – Gifts Of The Spirit, Rediscover Confidence

This journey is a combination of 4, solid, meditations all utilized to increase confidence. The last of which will be a gift from a spirit guide.

$100 – Gifts Of The Ancestors

In this experience we will travel to the realm of the ancestors giving you an opportunity to converse with them and them an opportunity to speak with you, convey messages and for you to exchange gifts.

$100 – Gifts Of The Spirit, Earth Realm

On this trip we will travel to the Earth Dimension where Mother Earth lives. This gives you the benefit of being charged with the energy of the earth as well as an opportunity to exchange gifts and speak with mother earth.

$100 – Gifts Of The Spirit, Air Realm

On this trip we will travel to the Dimension of Air where Father Sky Lives. This gives you the opportunity to be charged with the power of the air element and the ability to exchange gifts with father sky.

$100 – Gifts Of The Spirit, Water Realm

On this trip we will travel to the Water Dimension where The Ancestors live. The ancestors meaning the beginning of life itself. Traveling to this realm will charge your water element and give the opportunity to speak with The Ancestors.

$100 – Gifts Of The Spirit, Fire Realm

On this trip we will travel to the Dimension of Fire where Grandfather Creator the Sun Lives. This dimension will charge you with the power of Fire! Traveling here also give you the opportunity to speak and exchange gifts with Grandfather Creator The Sun.

$100 – Gifts Of The Spirit, Land Of The Dead

In this journey we will travel to the Land of the Dead. This will give you the opportunity to speak with loved ones past. You can also choose to speak with any person who has passed, Einstein, Davinci, Robin Williams… The Choice is Yours.

How To Be A Shaman Or Lightworker Class List

“All Shamanic Journeys and Services Are Available To be taught at a $144 for a private class or a scheduled class pre-paid for 100$ pp with a minimum of 2 people Note: Cap Removal, Cord Cutting and Energy Balancing are all one class. The Shamanic Trauma Removal costs $333 for a private class or $222 pp prepaid at a minimum of 2 people and takes three, 1 to 2 hour long classes”

$144 – Shamanic Manifesting

In this class I will teach you how to Manifest with the power of your mind, body, and spirit. Manifesting is all about finding the right frequency to match whatever you're trying to manifest. This is something affected by your diet, lifestyle, thought patterns, and your ability to project the right frequency into the universe. In essence most magic used to affect the world around you is a form of manifesting. In this class I will cover how to change your diet, lifestyle, and thought patterns, followed by rituals help you project your intent with the right frequency.

$144 – Shamanic Weight Loss

In this class I will go over a wealth of knowledge to assist in weight loss. Each concept I have personally used to lose between 5 to 10 lbs. In this class I offer all of them combined. Bare in mind I have always at least mildly exercised with all of them and you will need to do the same. In this class we cover all the different herbs used in weight loss pills how they work and which ones would work best for you personally, a variety of diet options and concepts, how to combat stress and its effect on gaining weight, and of course we will begin with how to clear your chakras and work with damage to your spirit and how it manifests into physical issues like weight gain. This is Mind, Body, Soul approach to weight loss as you are made of a combination of all three this is the best approach to any ailment of physically manifested health issues.

$144 – Shamanic Allergy Relief

Shamanic Allergy Relief is a class I developed based on how I personally have been healing my own allergies. I used to need 5 different allergy medications "Back when I still believed in western medicine" just to function. Airborne allergy test had me reacting on a scale of 1-4 at a 4. 5. and 6. to All Airborne Allergies.Through all of the medication, I would still suffer from sinus headaches which would progress to migraines, 1 to 3 sinus infections per year, red swollen, itchy, goopy eyes, Stuffy nose, rashes, low energy and general sinus associated misery.

$144 – Shamanic Immunity Boosting

In this class we will go over how to boost your immune system. Your immunity has to do with a balance between your mind, body, and spirit. We will cover how to strengthen your mind by methods for dealing with stress and negative thought patterns, how to give your body all the nutrients it needs for optimal functioning, and finally how to cleanse your spirit with a chakra clearing and keep it from picking up negative energy with a shielding technique.

$144 – House Clearings

A house clearing is where one cleanses a home of negative entities and energy, in this particular house clearing method I also teach you how to seal the home from the entities returning.I will also teach about negative entities and what brought them forth in the first place so as to teach how to prevent attracting new entities. So if you have ever wanted to learn how to do a house clearing for yourself or others as a service. This Class is for you.

Just as a wave is a movement of the whole ocean, you are the energy of the cosmos. Don’t underestimate your power.
— Deepak Chopra